About Gakomi

This is where artisanal tradition intertwines with fashion innovation...

Our brand offers hats in reversible fabrics that skillfully fuse a variety of colors and textures, reflecting our passion for slow fashion and timeless durability.

Each Gakomi hat is a work of craftsmanship meticulously made to withstand the test of time, trends and changing tastes, this is how we have known our customers since 1926 ;)

By purchasing a Gakomi you are directly supporting artisans committed to slow fashion, excellence in quality and authenticity in craftsmanship.

Our processes

Discover the perfect fusion between tradition, craftsmanship and versatility in our designs!

Each of our pieces are carefully made, combining the precision of machinery with the distinctive touch of the expert hand, thus achieving an impeccable finish that reflects our dedication to artisanal perfection.

In addition, we make sure that each piece is picked, carefully wrapped and shipped, guaranteeing that it reaches your hands freshly made and with the exceptional quality that defines us.